Algernon Boudreux's Crime Wave Continues

Algernon Boudreux’s Crime Wave Continues

Some months ago the fate of Avistrum Academy of Sorcery was put in the malicious hands of one Algernon Beaudroux. Since his escape there have been several sightings nationwide of this dastardly wizard. Algernon seems to lean into that spotlight as many of his sightings seem almost theatrical. The National Wizarding Bank of Chicago was […]

Artwork by J. Kasper. Gilderoy will be signing copies of this artwork Friday night at Avistrum.

Gilderoy Lockhart To Join Avistrum’s Celebration Party At Spring Term!

Tomorrow, along with the start of Spring Term, Avistrum Academy will begin a weekend long celebration to commemorate the defeat of Simon Drake. Avistrum also has another occasion to celebrate. For the first time in the history of the school, there are Dual House Cup Champions. Parador and Colubrae House tied in House Points at […]