The Founders' Fountain at Avistrum Academy, prior to its destruction in the Drake War.

Legendary Repair Work

Post War Reconstruction Continues at Avistrum DENVER, Colo. – Three years ago on October 20th, 2012 was when the legendary Founders’ Fountain of Avistrum Castle was destroyed. According to numerous reports given by multiple eye-witnesses, the Fountain was leveled by an evil being known as “the Dark Soldier.” This entity, his identification still unknown, was […]

Former Protégé of Simon Drake Welcomed at Avistrum

Former Protégé of Simon Drake Welcomed at Avistrum

Avistrum Academy of Sorcery shocked parents and students alike by allowing the former Dark witch, Persephone, to return to school for a formal education. In a follow-up to the coverage of Avistrum’s unprecedented admittance of ghosts alongside living students, it was discovered that harmless ghosts were not the only oddities being allowed admission into the […]

The NQL Season Begins With Excitement And Disappointment

  The 2013 season for Quidditch is in full swing and things are already shaping up for this to be an interesting one. The Okmulgee Ogres had a dominant 190-0 shut-out of the San Francisco Snidgets. The offseason acquirement of Beaters Jason Reilly and Gavin Hachman to the Ogres is proving to be an excellent […]