P.A.L.M. Activists Rally At The Hexagon

P.A.L.M. Activists Rally At The Hexagon

SALEM, Mass.- Today, P.A.L.M. activists were found rallying near the Hexagon in an attempt to get the attention of Secretary of Magic, Polonius Aberfoyle For over a year, P.A.L.M.’s attentions have been focused on the efforts of Kraven Bloodthorne and Audrey Deserand to rebuild the Timmernak School. Now a majority of the heat seems to […]

The NQL Season Begins With Excitement And Disappointment

  The 2013 season for Quidditch is in full swing and things are already shaping up for this to be an interesting one. The Okmulgee Ogres had a dominant 190-0 shut-out of the San Francisco Snidgets. The offseason acquirement of Beaters Jason Reilly and Gavin Hachman to the Ogres is proving to be an excellent […]

World Cup May Be Grounded By Endangered Magical Creature

World Cup May Be Grounded By Endangered Magical Creature

This years Quidditch World Cup location was announced on Monday. Some feel that the new location in Eastern France is a step in the right direction for the oft-maligned governing body for the sport. Previous years have been sullied by what can only be charitably called “home team favor”. Not to mention the security fiasco […]

Head Ghost?

Those Who Have Passed Allowed To Make Passing Grades

Denver, CO For nearly a decade, Avistrum Academy has been known to march to the beat of their own drum. The school has adopted progressive viewpoints that have been the source of heated debate between the most influential witches and wizards of our time. There is a new log to throw on that fire. It […]

Drake at Press Conference

Simon Drake to Become Muggle President?

Drake at Press Conference DENVER, Colo- In disturbing news from our nation’s capital, Simon Drake has announced his candidacy to become President of the United States. While public opinion on Drake’s intentions with Wizarding government remains polarized, one cannot help but question why he is also attempting to gain the most powerful office in the […]