Department of Magical Health Sees Spike in Reports of Disturbing Nightmares

Tamara Rose, aged 13, is a normal young witch.  She loves quidditch and butterbeer, she has many out of school activities, like many a young witch and wizard, and she loves her friends dearly.  What she does not do too much of lately is sleep.  Poor Tamara is one of those poor afflicted young that for the last month have not been able to catch a full night’s sleep.  Her parents are at a loss to explain this turn of events.  They have taken her to some of the best Occlumency and Divination experts in the country, only to be told that there is nothing wrong with the young lady. Yet, the nightmares persist.

Tamara is not alone.  The Department of Magical Health and Safety has been scouring every scroll and spell book at their disposal to find why there has been this sudden rash of unsettling dreams befalling young people across the country.  And it is not just the young that are afflicted, there are reports that those of our community that has fully rolled into what they thought would be a silent and enjoyable dotage have found themselves beset by dreams that they cannot explain.  Gregory Atlay, a retired member of the Auror Corp told me himself that he is reliving cases that, in his prime, made his blood run cold. They fact that he is living through them again on a nightly basis has driven the poor old wizard to take massive amounts of calming draughts before he tries to kick off for the night. Usually, he claims, to little avail.

There seems to be no pattern or reason to the areas of the country that have been affected.  The malaise seems to be wide spread from coast to coast.  Normally in situations like this there is some sort of localized situation that can lead to, and hasten the alleviation of, such all-consuming panics. This reporter can find scant few references to the wholesale hijacking of the dreams of so many.  Aside from that unpleasantness in Rhode Island during the spring of 1928, but none of those reports made have still yet to be corroborated.

One thing is certain, the capable magicians in Memphis are hot on this case. My sources have informed me that they are nearing completion of a potion that will allow the drinker to not access their subconscious mind at all while they sleep, but stressed that this is still a long way off and nothing but a “get me through” until the cause of this disturbance can be located.  The DMHS has asked that if you are having recurring nightmares to report them, by owl to them. They need to have all of the information that they can have to get this thing licked.