Legendary Repair Work

Post War Reconstruction Continues at Avistrum

The Founders' Fountain at Avistrum Academy, prior to its destruction in the Drake War.

The Founders’ Fountain at Avistrum Academy, prior to its destruction in the Drake War.

DENVER, Colo. – Three years ago on October 20th, 2012 was when the legendary Founders’ Fountain of Avistrum Castle was destroyed.

According to numerous reports given by multiple eye-witnesses, the Fountain was leveled by an evil being known as “the Dark Soldier.” This entity, his identification still unknown, was acting under the command of Simon Drake during the Battle of Avistrum.

The Founders’ Fountain had stood in the main courtyard at the front of the castle since the school was founded in 1697.

The Fountain’s statues depicted the four House Founders, Pyramis Parador, Englebert Enigmus, Luna Lobostro and Caterina Colubrae, standing together in solidarity. Despite the stories of Caterina Colubrae’s eventual dissension with her colleagues and self-imposed exile, the Fountain endured as a beacon of unity and strength for generations.

Then on that dark day several years ago, Drake’s Soldier ended a legacy. At the time, all that the students could do was watch in horror as one of the strongest symbols of their school was reduced to a pile of rubble and ash.

While this may seem to be the end of a story, it was actually the beginning of a whole new tale. For those who believed that the students of Avistrum would sit idly by and let their Fountain remain leveled, those individuals would be sadly mistaken.

Refusing to remain helpless, the student leaders of Avistrum answered the call to restore the Fountain to its original glory. A new group was formed, the Foundation for Fixing the Founders’ Fountain. It is also known somewhat affectionately as “FooFooFooFooFoo.”

I had an opportunity to meet with and interview a few of the student leaders both past and present earlier this week.

Enigmus Prefect and an establishing member of the group, Kristala Koles, was quoted, “Similar to how our House Founders originally worked together, FooFooFooFooFoo functions not as individual Houses but together as an Avistrum family.”

Prefect Koles’ words should not be taken lightly.

Every student leader from each House of Avistrum has jumped into the cause with both feet. Lobostro Prefects, the Bumble sisters Elizabeth and E.J., don’t want it to seem that only student leaders are welcome to join.

“By all means, all students of Avistrum are welcome! In fact there’s no way we could have accomplished what we have so far without everyone’s help,” we were told by E.J. Bumble. Elizabeth Bumble chimed in, “That’s the truth. There is no way we would have fixed the timeline without them last Fall Term.”

At that moment, E.J. cast Elizabeth an odd look and quipped, “We had a slight… scheduling issue last year.”

“That aside,” former Head Girl and Colubrae Alumna Victoria Navidson cut in, “along with the student body we have indeed made significant progress. This is not just a matter of new stone, masonry and a talented sculptor. The Founder’s Fountain was created by ancient spellwork and must be repaired magically. Unlocking the secrets to restoring the Fountain have been challenging. But we have seen some great success so far and we will not rest until the Fountain is whole once again.”

The progress that Ms. Navidson mentioned is impressive to say the least. Two terms ago, the students successfully repaired Luna Lobostro’s statue. And then just last year, due to the student’s combined efforts, Pyramis Parador’s likeness was restored.

Even with such outstanding advances, two more Founders still remain as only rubble. While the progress of the Foundation for Fixing the Founder’s Fountain is admittedly fantastic, they still face serious challenges ahead and the odds are not in their favor.

However, if there were bets to be made, all Galleons should be placed on these student leaders coming out victorious. Call it wishful thinking, pie in the sky, or a fool’s quest. Sometimes, you just have to believe.