Tyler Ward Rescued

TylerCaptiveWashington, D.C.-

Representatives from Secretary Aberfoyle’s office in the Hexagon have confirmed that Tyler Ward has just been rescued. Mere days ago, Ward sent a message (pictured) pleading for help. The communique was intended to reach a single party, “Clark”.  The spells Ward performed to bewitch the television set and reverse the signal proved so strong that his dispatch was broadcasted nationwide. This sent the wizarding nation into a frenzy with the news that he was not in hiding but being held captive by a remnant of Simon Drake’s forces. While details of the rescue remain unreleased,  the representative was quoted saying that the rescue was carried out by the vigilante group, the Dark Hunters.

Tyler Ward’s physical and mental health status also remain unknown, but he is said to be safe, secure and being screened by mediwitches and mediwarlocks.

More on this breaking news story as the details are released.