Toledo Releases Tyler Ward

Tyler_Ward  A brief announcement from the Toledo Terrors front office was released mere moments ago.

It read, “We regret to announce the release of Tyler Ward from our roster. His years of dedication to the team and to the sport of Quidditch is greatly appreciated.”

This cannot come as a great shock to anyone following the sport of Wizardkind. Ward’s self-imposed exile has been the hot topic amongst sport analysts for the past few months. With the talk of Swoosh dropping him as the face of their brand and the Terrors having their worst season in 20 years (0-9), Toledo’s management has been under pressure to release the future Hall of Famer.

While many scoff at the Terrors for holding on for so long, some applaud them for their uncommon loyalty in such a cutthroat business. At press time, the Terror’s front office was unavailable for comment or any further information.
But the question that is on everyone’s mind is, where is Tyler Ward?

Keep your eyes on the Oracle for further development on this breaking story.