Former Protégé of Simon Drake Welcomed at Avistrum

Avistrum AcPersephoneMOArticle2013ademy of Sorcery shocked parents and students alike by allowing the former Dark witch, Persephone, to return to school for a formal education. In a follow-up to the coverage of Avistrum’s unprecedented admittance of ghosts alongside living students, it was discovered that harmless ghosts were not the only oddities being allowed admission into the school. Persephone, currently a student at Avistrum, was at one time a Dark witch who partnered with the notorious Simon Drake before his demise last year. In addition to being a former Dark witch, Persephone is simply former. She was killed in 2010.

Eight years ago, then-Secretary of Magic Filbert Falstaff faced what was undoubtedly his most dangerous challenge since his election. Persephone, having recently emerged as a Dark force, sought the Medallion of Akpuch to augment her powers and the Aurors Corp resources had proven inadequate to protect it from her. Falstaff turned to Avistrum to hide the Medallion as the school was known for its complex and unique protection charms, originally put into place for the safety of the children studying there.

Falstaff could not have known at the time the chain of events he was setting into motion. Nor would he live to see them as he was assassinated one year later – nearly to the day – by the very Dark witch he had sought to protect the American wizarding populace from. It is unknown if Falstaff’s actions brought the school to Persephone’s attention, but over the next five years the students and faculty were the target of multiple attacks spearheaded by Persephone. In 2010, however, she was killed in her final push against the school.
For most witches and wizards, that should be the end of the story. However, using magic he has not been able to satisfactorily explain, Professor Aleator Boudreaux of Avistrum Academy traveled into the Void and brought the deceased Persephone back with him. Little is known about the Void, and less about magic tied to the Void. It was believed that only those who are already dead can travel into the Void, yet Boudreaux – thought for years to be a poltergeist – could in fact only be classified as “mostly” dead at the time. Boudreaux, killed in 1879, was recently returned to a living state through the use of the horcrux he claims to have accidentally created as he died.
If those who are only “mostly” dead can travel the Void, what does that make someone who comes back through it? Particularly someone who passed over fully, leaving no spectral remains behind to tie them here? Department of the Unknown lead researcher, Erimaedes Font, says, “How the dragon dung should I know? I didn’t even know that was possible!” Yet even with an unknown creature, possibly suffering unknown effects from experimental magic, studying side by side with their students, the faculty at Avistrum are staunch in their defense of the former Dark witch.
At the time of her death, Avistrum teachers and staff loudly denounced her killer, Simon Drake, as the true driving force behind Persephone’s attacks. Drake himself admitted to this publicly last year. The faculty insist that Persephone was vital to Drake’s defeat last October, and claim Persephone is not responsible for the atrocities she committed at his direction. Headmaster Dowling even petitioned the Wizarding Senate on Persephone’s behalf to have her pardoned for her crimes. Dowling cites both the controlling influence of Drake, and heroic action on Persephone’s part as reasons for the pardon. A full hearing will be conveened at a later date to deciede the Dark witch’s fate, but for now she remains a convicted criminal.
Special interest group “Parents Against Lawless Magic”, also known as P.A.L.M., are not impressed. P.A.L.M. spokeswitch, Serafina Marks, expressed concern that with the sort of example Dowling is setting, children at the school will graduate without a solid understand of personal responsibility or the true repercussions of using Dark Magic. Dowling is adamant in his defense of Persephone and says that getting her education is serving as a form of rehabilitation for Persephone. “She went through a lot at Drake’s hands, he’d been manipulating her from a very young age. Helping to bring him down took her a long way toward overcoming that. The way she’s dedicating herself to her coursework and completing classes at an accelerated rate, I really think this will help her take the next steps to reintegrating into wizarding society.”
Marks is not convinced. “Of course she’s flying through her classes ‘at an accelerated rate’. She was so powerful that she plagued our government for five years, including escaping from Alcatraz. You don’t get to be that good without a strong knowledge of magic – formal education or not. Attending Avistrum is just ego stroking for her, and for the administration of the school. P.A.L.M. feels what’s important here is that she is being taught alongside the very children she attacked, frightened, and tried to dominate only a few short years ago. That is simply not healthy or safe for the children. I’m disappointed Clark would put the needs of a monster ahead of the needs of the children entrusted to his care. After all, we don’t even know what she is. Aside from an escaped convict and murderer, of course.”

Like it or not, whatever she is, Persephone is poised to graduate any day now.