Gilderoy Lockhart To Join Avistrum’s Celebration Party At Spring Term!

Artwork by J. Kasper. Gilderoy will be signing copies of this artwork Friday night at Avistrum.

Artwork by J. Kasper. Gilderoy will be signing copies of this artwork Friday night at Avistrum.

Tomorrow, along with the start of Spring Term, Avistrum Academy will begin a weekend long celebration to commemorate the defeat of Simon Drake. Avistrum also has another occasion to celebrate. For the first time in the history of the school, there are Dual House Cup Champions. Parador and Colubrae House tied in House Points at the end of term, marking this historic event. This sign of unity was an excellent punctuation to the end of Drake’s reign of terror.

As another sign of unity, Avistrum will be hosting a friend from across the pond.

Gilderoy Lockhart- One of Britain’s most celebrated – and most controversial – authors is extending his signing tour to include several US cities. The famous author is making time on his incredibly tight schedule to visit Avistrum Academy, Friday evening April 19th, 2013.

Over two decades ago, seven time Warwick award winner, Gilderoy Lockhart, was the tragic victim of a Memory Charm gone awry. The circumstances surrounding the accident were never resolved and the prolific author did not put quill to parchment again for twenty years, but last year Lockhart released his newest book, “Unforgettable, Or So I Am Told.”

Lockhart enthusiasts rejoiced to finally see their favorite author return to the written word, and though critics reviews were mixed, the continuing loyalty of his fan base prompted a short European tour. After being extended three times, his publishers decided to continue the tour in America, and are currently discussing a further extension into British Columbia.

Stops on the United States leg of the tour will include Ithaca, New York; Salem, Massachusetts; New Orleans, Louisiana; Denver, Colorado; Portland, Oregon; and Berkeley, California.

Mr. Lockhart is excited to be at the Avistrum Celebration on Friday night. He is also thrilled to learn that Denver is a city and not just an omelette.

Gilderoy will be signing photos of a brand new piece of art work of his likeness done by notable artist J. Kasper. He is generously providing these photos and signatures free of charge. Gilderoy’s agent also made sure to note that Mr. Lockhart will be happy to take photographs, again free of charge.
He hopes to remember this occasion.

“Gilderoy” will be appearing in the Avistroom School Friday night, and will be spending some time at the Celebrity Tables. Check your program books or visit Avistrum Academy with any questions.

*”Gilderoy Lockhart” is being portrayed by actor, Mark Fossey. This is an actor parody and is neither affiliated with, nor endorsed by, J. K. Rowling, Warner Bros., Scholastic Publishing, their agents or licensees. Harry Potter™ and all related marks are trademarks or registered trademarks of Warner Bros *